Herpes And Celebrities: The Suffering Of Celebrities Is No Less Than For Anyone Else

Published: 20th March 2009
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Most people are envious of celebrities whom they consider as being especially fortunate and who are constantly seen walking the red carpet as well as flashing those million-dollar smiles at you from billboards all across the country. To the average person, a celebrity has everything that they themselves yearn to have: lots of money fame and looks; fashion as well as just about anything else that can be bought by money.

Normal People

However, deep down celebrities are normal people and will suffer from many of the same things that can affect just about anyone. In regard to herpes and celebrities it is plain to see when you read about famous personalities being affected that money can only go that far and then everything is pretty much the same for everyone. When you read about stories talking about herpes and celebrities and learn that famous personalities such as Kate Moss and Paris Hilton are not immune from herpes then you will certainly need to change your way of thinking.

Herpes is really a disease that is transmitted through sexual contact and especially when people have sex without taking adequate precautions and leave them open to disease. Herpes is a disease that can affect a person in the mouth or in the genitals and in fact either kind is a permanent disease which means that if you are affected you will suffer from the disease for the remainder of your life. The only good news is that it can be treated through use of medications and other treatments.

Among those affected in regard to herpes and celebrities names such as Kate Moss and Paris Hilton are well known. Other names that spring to mind include Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and Brad Pitt as well as Colin Farrell and the Beckhams. Even Bill Clinton and Tony Bennett as well as Sheryl Crow and Katie Holmes are names that come to mind when it concerns herpes and celebrities.

The Beckhams (David, the footballer) and his fashionista wife Victoria (Posh) are known to be celebrities with herpes. Part of the reason for their affliction is their rather flamboyant lifestyles which only show that having so much money and fame can also be a burden that when a celebrity tries to ease can lead them to doing things that can endanger their well-being. Everyone knows that this pair hardly lives a celibate life; the consequences are there for everyone to know and perhaps learn from.

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